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April 27, 2008



Thank you for capturing these moments and sharing them on your site. Elisa and I enjoyed every bit of the session-the end result is truly amazing. Thank you for sharing the inspiring words, photos and music found throughout your site.


I love your pictures!!! I need to get some announcements made for Lana here soon. Thank goodness for photoshop. It was so good to see you last month (under the circumstances). Does anyone else from the family in Florida have a blog or anything? E-mail and let me know!

Michele Mallet

Oh my! This little girl is simply gorgeous! What a unique look. I love her eye lashes they are so long. Not to mention her angelic expressions. I particularly like the black and white pic on the top. Glad to know that your relishing in the reality of loving your job. That is so important in this short life we live in. I am building up my photography portfolio so I too can take that step forward to do what I love instead of what I feel I need to. I have been in the corporate world for 10+ years and theirs nothing like being blessed with the opportunity to truly use your God given talents to do what brings happiness to your heart and to others. You're doing a great job! I enjoy seeing the clarity, brightness and colors in your photography.

God Bless You,


I totaly agree, you have to love what you do ,because there is days when you say I was crazy for chossing the career that I chosse, being a teacher specialy when the kids are giving me a hard time and driving me crazy. but its so rewarding when I hear thank you when they let me know that they have learn something from me its the best feeling.God bless you always. Tanya

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