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May 08, 2008


Michele Mallet

As flawed people that fall short of The Glory of God daily...we sometimes are quick to judge others by what we perceive and what we hear from others. But only God truly know's what's in the heart of each and every one of us. We don't know the battles people are facing so it's my heart's desire to be nice to everyone as much as possible however hard that may be at times.

V, I enjoyed seeing the pictures of The AGAPE Ministry and in knowing that theirs a ministry of people who care out there for these women in need. If my eyes don't fail me I saw a familiar face in there from high school (Sandy) so that was a blessing too. For some reason God is bringing back a large amount of old faces from my past into my present and just recently. I just heard today from an old best friend from SMSH that she's now a born again Christian. I had not heard from in 5 years. And she was the last person I thought would give her life to Christ. Sometimes God has to take you to end of yourself to come to the begining of HIM.

Well, back to the post...You could not have picked a better cover picture to represent the reality of the hardships of these women to accompany your text blog. I share these text blogs that you write that have a powerful or inspiring message through facebook with my friends and family. So keep the blessings flowing...as you can be sure I am passing them on to others.

For His Glory,

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