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July 02, 2008


pilar giorgini

I have a MAC as well and Love it. I bought Mac Pro for Dummies, I never thought I would use one of these books and it is amazing how much It helped me without having to go to the apple store for sessions all the time


i want a big shiny new mac to fall in love with. :-(

Michele Mallet

I must say I am with Angie C. I strongly dislike VISTA. That's why I am on my husband's computer instead right now (We have a network in our home). I don't recall exactly why I got myself into a VISTA but MAC is by far what you want to be working with. I love it's integrated motherboard and amazing user friendliness. Glad you were blessed!

Michy :-)


Hey V!

Once you go Mac you don't go back!!! I love my Mac, in fact I have three...yes three! All of them working perfectly but me being the computer geek that I am had to get the latest! LOL! Love it!!!! Can't wait to get the new iphone next week!!! So excited!

Hope you're doing well!!!

Angie C.

Congrats on the Mac....a pc user here but I hate, hate, hate Vista...what's the benefits to switching (I have a Wishblade and I'm not sure what I'd have to do to be able to use it with a Mac so the benefits would have to be great) (whew, run-on sentance!)

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