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August 23, 2008



One mother to another: congratulations! Your touching words reflect a true mother in every sense possible – the one loving her child unconditionally while really knowing and understanding him. Recognising his uniqueness …
A mother of four myself – 18, 17, 10 and 7 – I am still amazed by fact they come from the same parents yet they are 4 totally different persons. Yes, persons, from the day they were born … And there is still so much about them I have to understand about, if ever.
Children – learners and teachers …
Kind regards, Anja


Vero-I applaud you for taking an active role in trying to instill in Chimi a sense of self. It's tough being a middle child and without guidance figuring out who you are is especially difficult. I'm a middle child myself and I didn't really figure it all out until well into adulthood. You being actively involved though will most likely make a huge difference in Sebastian's life. So, hang in there and keep reminding him who he is.


I am a middle child and its not easy, I agree with what you say. I remember my math teacher telling me how bad I was in math It took a lot of work and many tears to change that. Many years latter I use that teacher as an example to the kind of teacher I don't want to be.

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