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November 08, 2008



Hi -

You left me a nice comment at 2Ps, and i had to stop by. This is an insightful post. I think you're like many moms, including me. As I'm getting older, I'm learning to let go and enjoy the moment. It's an important life lesson that I'm working through all the time. It's good to see how others are dealing with it too.


Dena Simoneaux

Hi V,

i tagged you on my blog... come and see!



Dear Veronica,
Were we living in a perfect world, being a perfect mom and/or a perfect person would be easier achievable. But we are not. And it isn`t.
I admit: my aureole is tarnished tonight. That from a mom whose parenting today consisted – besides all the housechores niceties and a formal Sunday visit from grandparents – read inspection – of:
- Encouraging a bouncing 7-years-old to patiently repeat an especially boring piano exercise for about one hundred times, and making all the household to bear with it;
- Convincing an 11-years old healthy boy to stay in the house at least for meals and for the visit, and when outside, to dress in more than shorts and a too small T-shirt – it IS November here, after all;
- Helping a know-it-all 17-years-old with Latin grammar for tomorrow`s test and
- Having a profound discussion with my eldest daughter about her studies plan – to be continued;
As you can well imagine, things started peacefully enough but regardless of all my patience and parenting skills, their progressing into battles of wills was inevitable.
And then it was the perfect moment for my husband to return home – after a work related absence and a 10 kms evening jogging –, and on his way to his study to casually remark: »Have you had a nice day, dear?«
And then I snapped and told him everything. He listened, looking at me with his warm brown eyes and said: »You really think you should have been perfect. But be thankful to God you have normal children with normal issues. Think about THAT.«
Now I wonder: Shall I strive to be a perfect mother – or am I asking too much?
Veronica, thanks for reminding me I am not alone.
Kindest of regards,

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