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January 01, 2009


Mildred enitez

Stop by here to say hello
congratulate each and every one of the words you type.
The photos you take these great.
You have a beautiful family and a great gift God gave you ..
has little time I found this page .. do not know how much that helped me ..
but no longer write.
Why? you should do it again .. believe me you have many readers.
Thanks for reading.
and sorry for my English .. a big hug and blessings.Mily

Sandy Hernandez

Where is the one for 2009?


I`ve loved fairytales from all over the world since I was a tiny girl. I still do, actually.

Melania, our lives are a lot like those tales. They just differ in the number of witches, wolves, other harmful and dangerous creatures, beautiful princesses and valiant princes, evil stepmothers, poor peasants, witty man of trade, you name it … Mostly it depends on our perception. And then, not all fairytales have a happy end.

Believe me, persons with seemingly picture perfect lives, 7th Heaven meets the Cosby show families, individuals with the greatest smiles, they can also carry a cross or two on their shoulders – speaking from experience. I think the recipe is in accenting the good things in our lives, to make them even better. To be thankful for them.

And Veronica, you do just that. You write about life with its ups and downs, its beauties and its problems, and you make it sound so perfect. Doing your magic trick of lightening the shadows while nicely accenting the importance of basic principles and values. Spicing it with optimism.

One word: Thanks.

Michy Mallet

Only one word really fits just right...BEAUTIFUL!


hello veronica I just wanted to let you know that sometimes I have a hard time relating to what you write about in your blogs. For me you seem to have the perfect life the fairytale life that alot of people these days which they could have. You have truly been blessed best wishes for this 2009
God Bless you

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